Трубка Перрена модели S

Трубка Перрена модели S, 1000616 [U18554], Электровакуумные трубки Teltron®
103 760,00 RUB
For demonstrating the negative polarity of electron beams through magnetic and electric deflection of the beams toward a laterally positioned Faraday cage connected with an electroscope (for example, U17250) for this purpose. Also for investigating electron beams in two perpendicularly aligned magnetic alternating fields (operation of a cathode-ray oscilloscope, Lissajous figures) and estimating specific electron charge e/m. With a fluorescent screen.

Cathode heating voltage: Uh < 7.5 V, Ih = approx. 0.35 A

Anode voltage: Ua < 5 kV

Anode current: typically Ia = 150 µA at Ua= 4.5 kV

Beam current: typically Ia = 4 µA at Ua= 4.5 kV

Deflection voltage: U < 350 V

Additionally required:

U18500 Tube holder

U18505 Set of Helmholtz coils

U21060 High-voltage power supply, 6 kV

U11700 DC power supply 0-16 V, 0-5 A

Additionally recommended:

U18506 Auxiliary coil

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Артикул 1000616 [U18554]
Вес 0.9 kg
Размеры 38.1 x 38.1 x 29.2 cm
Торговая марка 3B Scientific Teltron
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