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Пропалеотерий (Propalaeotherium messelense), модель

Пропалеотерий (Propalaeotherium messelense), модель, 1021242 [U75040], Ископаемые и минералы

Пропалеотерий (Propalaeotherium messelense), модель

35 587,00 руб.

Hand-painted cast of an adult early equid found at the Messel Pit fossil site in Hesse, Germany. The animal is approximately the size of a fox and has clearly apparent four-toed front feet and three-toed back feet. It has historically been seen as a forerunner of the modern horse and is often put at the start of the evolutionary chain which leads to the present-day equines. The item itself may differ in color from that shown in the photograph.
Discovery site: Messel Pit, Germany
Age: approx. 47 million years (Middle Eocene)
Dimensions: approx. 51.5x37.5 cm²
Weight: approx. 2.8 kg

Информация о товаре
Артикул 1021242 [U75040]
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