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3B Scientific presents 3B SMART ANATOMY
3B SMART ANATOMY is the newest feature in anatomy education: a digital anatomy course included for free with all original 3B Scientific anatomy models. Watch this quick video to learn how it works and where to get your free trial to test the course for 7 days.

Hamburg, 31 October 2019

During the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, our teams around the globe took initiative to support and honor everyone who was or is afflicted by breast cancer. With this video, we want to highlight the importance of awareness, early detection and education.

Гамбург, октябрь 2019 года

В июле этого года доктор Сольвейг Гросс обратилась к нам с вопросом, может ли организация 3B Scientific поддержать ее усилия в области образования в дельте Ирравадди, Мьянма. Доктор Гросс - гинеколог, который в течение нескольких лет совместно с фондом Artemed Stiftung в Тутцинге (Германия) обеспечивает непрерывное медицинское образование и практическое обучение медсестер и акушерок. Уровень материнской и младенческой смертности в этом отдаленном районе Мьянмы по-прежнему высок, и более 320 000 человек получают медицинскую помощь на борту медицинского судна "River Doctors", созданного Фондом "Артеменд" совместно с госпиталем Богале. Сам корабль можно представить себе островом благодаря своему медицинскому оборудованию и внутренней инфраструктуре, - сказал д-р Гросс в интервью немецкому телешоу "BR Abendschau".

Недавно завершился трехдневный продуктивный обмен информацией и знаниями в рамках выставки ДИДАКТА во Флоренции, Италия.

Didacta в Италии является наиболее важной выставкой, сосредоточенной на образовании и профессиональном обучении в регионе.

During the month of October, a special emphasis lies on increasing awareness, early detection, and treatment to heighten palliative care of breast cancer. It is 3B Scientific’s mission to advance medical and healthcare delivery globally, and our focus prevails on educating about early signs and diagnosis of breast cancer. 

The 2019 COBEM congress on medical education in Belém, Brasil is one of the most important events when it comes to medical simulation in Brazil. Thus, our 3B Scientific team from Joinville highlighted some of the most interesting medical simulators in our booth.

3B SMART ANATOMY радует Литву!
После успешного запуска программы 3B SMART ANATOMY в Литве ею смогут воспользоваться студенты и преподаватели, изучающие анатомию человека. Майкл, руководитель отдела продаж компании 3B Scientific, посетил клиентов в Вильнюсе/Литве, чтобы продемонстрировать новые модели 3B SMART ANATOMY. Все, кто тестировал его, были впечатлены его особенностями и простотой в использовании.

3B Smart Anatomy - the new generation of anatomical models by 3B Scientific
Гамбург, Германия. 22 июля 2019 года - Сегодня, 3B Scientific представила на мировой рынок 3B SMART ANATOMY, новое поколение анатомических моделей. 3B SMART ANATOMY предназначена для сокращения разрыва между аналоговым и цифровым обучением.

Такер, штат Джорджия - 17 июля 2019 г. - Сегодня 3B Scientific, портфельная компания JH Whitney Capital Partners и ведущий производитель и продавец анатомических моделей, медицинских тренажеров, учебного оборудования по биологии и физике, объявила о приобретении компанией Excellus Technologies, Inc. dba Cardionics, лидера в производстве симуляторов по аускультации. 

3B Scientific donates Epidural Injection Trainer.JPG
Fighting Maternal Mortality in Sierra Leone

Hamburg, July 2018 - Sierra Leone has one of the world’s highest rates of maternal mortality at 1360 per 100,000 live births. 3B Scientific has donated two cutting edge spinal injection simulators to one of Sierra Leone’s busiest maternity hospitals, in an attempt to tackle the country’s elevated maternal mortality rates.

Mutter mit Kind_Vietnam.jpg
December 2015 - As in previous years, in 2015 3B Scientific is once again donating to aid projects in Vietnam. The focus lies on helping children with disabilities.

Otto H. Gies_CWD Club_Vietnam
May 2014 - Nearly 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War and the use of highly toxic warfare agents, children with deformities are still being born in the areas affected. Families never received compensation and also experience little acceptance within society. Consequently there is desperate need for assistance, which is why 3B Scientific supports self-help groups for children with disabilities.

3bscientific.com Website Relaunch 2014
3bscientific.com был полностью перестроен и модернизирован, чтобы улучшить качество обслуживания клиентов.

Staff_Hungary_3B Scientific.jpg
Hamburg/Budapest, August 2013 –3B Scientific Europe Kft. commemorates its 20th anniversary at around this time. In 1993 the company also known as „Biocalderoni Kft.“ became the first branch of the company group outside of Germany.

Disaster stricken areas_Great East Japan Earthquake_2011
Hamburg/Germany, March 2013 - The international 3B Scientific Group consists of 18 affiliates in 14 countries, one of them in Japan. The momentous natural disaster that hit the insular nation in 2011 largely spared the west coast where Nihon 3B Scientific is located. This is reason enough to support the homeless population and raise funds for charities.

Hamburg/Germany, January 2013 – On the evening of January, 4th a fire broke out at the headquarters of the international 3B Scientific Group in Hamburg, Germany and destroyed parts of the production area. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but there was considerable material damage.

3B Scientific TR in Istanbul, Turkey
Hamburg/Germany, January 2013 - Having opened two new affiliates in the European-Asian region, 3B Scientific can indeed look back on a productive year 2012. The establishment of the South Korean affiliate was followed by the opening of the Turkish subsidiary only several months later.

Hamburg/Germany, December 2012 - The 3B Scientific Group achieved the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard as early as the year 2000. In November 2012, 3B Scientific completed the recertification audit for the fourth time, once again demonstrating the efficiency and quality of its management system.

3B Scientific_Donation 2012_World Vision
Hamburg/Germany, December 2012 – As in every year, 3B Scientific is donating 5,000 € in 2012 to the World Vision aid organization, to help support children in developing countries.

Green Planet
Hamburg/Germany, August 2012 - Having switched to green electricity at several German sites and reduced its carbon footprint by more than 200 tons annually, 3B Scientific has shown ongoing commitment to its responsibility for the environment. In 2011 it reduced its CO2 emissions by another 12 tons simply by recycling sales packaging.

Children with 3B Scientific Skeleton Model
Hamburg/Germany, July 2012 - 3B Scientific supports social projects wherever possible, with this support ranging from tombola prizes for graduation celebrations at a German university, through to anatomical models for developing an international skills lab or wall charts for training orthopedic specialists in Afghanistan. The fact that these are often charitable projects can be seen in the campaign surrounding a recently donated model skeleton for the newly opened Gila Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone.

Map_South Korea
Hamburg/Germany, June 2012 - True to the company slogan “…going one step further” the development of the emerging Asian markets now continues, following the establishment of affiliates in Japan (1997), China (1999) and most recently Thailand (2007): 3B Scientific Korea was founded in Yongin (South Korea), not far from the capital of Seoul, in spring 2012...

Hamburg/Germany, February 2012 - After a highly regarded start of the travelling exhibition “WHO CARES: History and Daily Life of Nursing Care“ in May 2011 in Berlin/Germany, the life-size Patient Care Manikin supplied by 3B Scientific is going on tour. From March 30 to September 2, 2012 the manikin is part of an exhibition of the historical development of the nursing profession at the University of Zurich/Switzerland. This exhibition was initiated by the Berlin Charité Hospital’s Museum of Medical History, in order to raise awareness...