Комплект "Искусственная рука"

Комплект "Искусственная рука", 1012880 [U10019], Ультразвук
Комплект "Искусственная рука", 1012880 [U10019], Ультразвук
Комплект "Искусственная рука", 1012880 [U10019], Ультразвук
Комплект "Искусственная рука", 1012880 [U10019], Ультразвук

Комплект "Искусственная рука"

275 478,00 руб.

Model of a human arm for simulating Doppler sonographic examinations of blood vessels. Includes an ultrasonic Doppler probe and so-called phantom fluid for simulating blood. The model features a variety of tubing (simulating blood vessels), including one tube which simulates a blood vessel stricture or stenosis. Using the ultrasonic Doppler apparatus (U10001) and a centrifugal pump (U10005), it is possible to simulate typical examinations used in vascular diagnosis. Doppler spectra are measured for the flow through arteries and veins with both a pulsing flow (like a heart beat) and continuous flow, allowing sounds typical of Doppler sonography to be heard. One particularly interesting feature is the possibility of observing the change in the spectra and the Doppler sound due a stenosis (stricture) in the elbow. In addition, it is possible to calculate the flow index and resistance index from the curves measured with a pulsing flow.

  • Probe frequency: 2 MHz
  • Probe dimensions: 200 mm x 15 mm diam.
  • Length of lead: 1 m
  • Model arm with stenosis
  • Silicone tubing
  • 3/8" connectors
  • Ultrasonic Doppler probe
  • Phantom fluid to simulate blood, 250 ml
  • Funnel
  • Rubber stoppers
Генератор ультразвуковых импульсов, 1002571 [U10001], Ультразвук
706 218,00 руб.
Центробежный насос, 1002575 [U10005], Ультразвук
176 177,00 руб.
Информация о товаре
Артикул 1012880 [U10019]
Вес 4 kg
Торговая марка 3B Scientific
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